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First knitting news, then Secret Pal loot, then Rodent rambling to herself. I type this out not as a public service but because I am about to doze off and need to remind myself of these things.
Spell check is my friend.
First up – Secret Pal loot!
A box signed from MacGyver showed up yesterday… from CANUCKISTAN! Wow, does he get around.
Inside was balls and balls and balls and balls of Patons Cotton – some very soft worsted weight which begs to be turned into a T.

Five balls of blue and six balls of white; 89 yards a ball. For now, it will be petted. Probably won’t be used until next year. (unless I keep misplacing these notes on what I’m knitting for gifts…)

First up, knitting! Saturday night I pulled out some wire and the box of seed beads to see what could happen. Two bamboo skewers and a few days later, this appeared. I think it’s a bracelet. Whatever it is, I can now say that (A) I have knit with wire and (B) knitting with wire, even 32 gauge, is not for me. No. Nuh-uh. Not happening. As soon as I finish the next whatever it was that I started, never again.

Anyway. Spent today following Brotherling around U of H again; only been a couple of months since last visit and definitely had a good time. Quite pleasant to be able to answer the inevitable “why aren’t you in school today” question without the Spanish Inquisition. (You’d think by now people would just assume I’m a lazybutt, but nope. Spanish Inquisition. I’d rather be assumed to be a lazybutt instead of being bandied about as an example of homeschooling gone horribly right/kittens/wrong/i like bananas/are you sure you’re feeling okay? People, I’d be plumb crazy wherever I was – it’s in the blood. Don’t blame it on those Mennonite textbooks.)

The entire day was altogether a good one, but bloggily unentertaining because I did not take the camera out of my bag but once throughout the entire day. The once? End of a Scrabble game, five minutes before leaving.

Brotherling started the game with “minx”, using a blank. Other Person played a fairly inoffensive “yen”; then I came back with “hi/ax/hear”. All was downhill from there. Unfortunately, Other Person searched through a dictionary until he found “qaids”; this scored him an obscene number of points, and nothing could be done from there. Final score? Other Person – 231. Brotherling – 218. Me – 199.
I lost at Scrabble.
But for my ego’s sake, the other 3-player game which concluded not long after ours? Nobody scored higher than 160.
Doesn’t change, though, that…
I lost at Scrabble.

okay, sorry about the title change. did I mention that Brotherling actually CONVINCED ME that a pair of twins weren’t related at all? And I lost at Scrabble!
and never again will I update at midnight o clock.
for lo, i am even more loopy than normal then.

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