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FO – ocean shawl

At least, I think that’s the name. It’s the “water” chart from the Pacific Northwest Shawl, but a watery shawl doesn’t sound so cozy. Hm.

Pinned it to be 72″ across the top edge and 36″ inches deep. Sprung back a little after taking the pins out, but not much. Yarn is about a ball and a half of Rowan Kidsilk Haze from Laura. what a yarn moocher I am! Knit on #7s, it came out nice and airy. The edging is extremely easy/boring and only three stitches across at most places. I have some handy notes somewhere, which will be useful since I have to knit two or three more of these.

Yes, two or three more. When I finished this shawl, Mom looked at it and said… could you make another in machine-washable yarn? (For her mom, who is probably coming to visit later this month.) So we picked through more of Mrs. Stranger’s yarn and came up with a few options. First is a worsted weight purple petroyarn – 85% acrylic / 10% wool / 5% Lurex (shiny!). I’ve cast on with that and am currently about 1/3 done. I think. After that’s done, some sportsweight 30% mohair / 70% decomposed dead dinosaurs green fluff is up; I’m a bit suspicious of the yardage of that, though. I’ll also make another with the remaining KSH and perhaps the ball of a similar furry yarn from Elisabeth; while looking for a new home for this shawl, I realised just how many people need a lace shawl. Gotta make one in good and nice yarn for one of y’all. Hey, I’ve liked knitting this particular one so far; why not do it four times and get completely burned out.

So the Pi Are Square shawl is no longer #1 on the list… and might not be for a while. Not that being the designated “computer knitting” is a bad thing; the cone of yarn wasn’t very portable anyway. Looking at a finished version with lace all over the place has been very helpful in figuring out what charts I want where. I think I’ll keep the front wedges garter all the way – though the one column running all the way down looks very nice too – but try to work the stitches on the other side of that increase into whatever lace pattern is going at the time. Won’t be for another… 34 rows x almost 200 sts per row of back-burner knitting, though, until I have to find whatever lace pattern will be used for the last half of the Pi R Square shawl. I sure hope I find one I’ll like for a good long while…

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