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I have the most awesomest neighbours ever.
Well, somewhere close.
One of them is very high in the “awesome” rating, at least.
Neighbourlings a couple doors down (the same who run their moomobiles on the back half of our land) have a couple of very nice satsuma trees.
Very nice satsuma trees.
Their satsuma trees bear enough oranges for the neighbours, their children, their grandchildren, and their great-grandchildren to have their fill of fruit.
So Behold.
Two big bags of satsumas, fresh off the tree.

They were more decorative in neighbour’s bucket, but I couldn’t very well say – oh, loiter about talking garden stuff with Mom a moment more, I want to snap a picture of the bucket of satsumas.

After eating a fresh satsuma, you would never want to touch a normal grocery store variety orange again. So sweet and easy to peel… smaller than the oranges usually found in stores, making it easy to eat half a dozen in a sitting. By then the pile of peels is so big, you have to get up to toss the peels in the compost pile… and hey, there’s more satsumas to eat. Mmm.

I have been absolutely craptastic about blogging the Kidsilk Haze shawl I’ve been knitting. It’ll be a finished object by next post, and I haven’t posted hardly any progress pictures! Guess I’ll have to clone it and try to do better next time around. Last night I started on the edging, which should be very quick – only three stitches wide along most of the edge but increases into a nice pinnable point where the waves on the body of the shawl want to jut out a bit. (I think what I mean can be seen from the last pictures of the shawl I posted.)

Of course, rather than finishing any of my WIPs or UFOs whose existence I usually deny, I started something new. Well, the quick hat in über-bulky yarn for the beloved tech geeks behind Knittyboard doesn’t count because it was (a) simple enough to provoke yawns and (b) knit in a single morning. How about a Pi Are Square shawl.

Exciting start, no?

And the pile of books and magazines which will be used… the Mrs. Stranger’s magazines from Laura will be a great source of lace patterns and other humour. But that’ll have to be saved for some other post, since I don’t want to clear the pile of mail off the scanner tonight….

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