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FO – Kepler

Yep. All the I-cord and seaming and jillions of ends… done! Seaming the cable bands to the arms was not particularly enjoyable, but I only had to pull out the whole first seam twice to re-do it evenly… and the second sleeve only took two attempts… if only I’d done it right on the first try, I could’ve had five arms.

Pattern – Kepler
Yarn – Tahki Chelsea Silk – 65% silk / 35% wool. Not sure exactly how many balls, since counting what I had before starting apparently did not occur to me. Ana sent me the yarn a year ago because she loves me.
Needles – #7 Boyes.
Total knitting time – 2 weeks
Finished size – I used the numbers from the 43″/”XXL” size, and I think my gauge was right. I lengthened the pattern by… well, pretty much just added more plain rows between the exciting rows.

Other useful notes – I reversed the sleeves so they were knit from the top down, which made it simple to lengthen them to be the same length of the body, which I knit to be longer to avoid pesky things like t-shirts peeking from beneath. Also, if the obvious must be stated, it’s a cardigan, not a pullover.

Behold… fun with the self-timer! Quick, run in front of the camera and make sure all arms and legs are inside the vehicle before the 10 seconds are up! Actually looking at the camera is optional.

Laid flat…. as much as I love this camera, it just can’t deal with the kitchen floor. (The floor was swept today! Really!) While the floor is some odd off-white colour with vaguely tile-like lines printed on, the camera wants to make it day-glo white.

(I try to lay the sweater out flat without any odd bumps or inaccurate blobs, but the pictures always show something nonexistent. Then I prate on saying that the sleeves and underarms actually do look correct, not what the picture shows, instead of taking a new picture. Will the cycle never end?)

And here is the finished sleeve length and a view of my magical camera holder thing. I don’t know if that is the one rescued from a trash pile or if it was a dollar or two at a yard sale. Either way, it’s quite totable and more or less the right height.

When I bound off the arms, it appeared as though the end of the cabled cuff would land a good two inches shorter. Somewhere in the washing and the blocking it came out to be longer; I ain’t arguing. Either length is fine.

More reject pictures:
And what part of Kepler does this show off?
I moved the camera a bit after this accident.

In other knitting news… after knitting something so unusual for me, I need more lace! The KSH shawl is getting to be a very nice size; perhaps even time to call it a good size and find a good way to bind off. I don’t think I’m talking to edgings after running out of yarn on the circular shawl.
But! Last night at the SnB Laura brought by some of Mrs. Stranger’s magazines. Though in German, some of the patterns have charts – lace charts, even. A few of them might work their way into the Pi (a)R(e) Square shawl, which I’ll start any day now. But not today.

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