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Praise the (umpire) s!

(How long has it been since I’ve abused my emoticons? It’s been a while. (otter) )

Anyway. The creatures on my “to-knit” list keep shoving in line. (Most of you probably thought I knit without any concrete plans. Well, mostly true, but I do have a list of things I’d like to knit, too.) Two of the most recent additions leap in front of projects which have been impatiently waiting since… longer than the two which I cast on over the past few days.

The first? The ocean waves shawl with the Kidsilk Haze from Laura. Not so much “ocean waves” as “water”… it’s mainly the “water” chart from the Pacific Northwest Shawl. On the PNW shawl, the waves looked like this… or this, if you look at the whole thing. About 70 rows in KSH resembles…

Gasp! I vacuumed! And of course the carpet throws all the colours out of whack. Pardon the uneven pinning. You’d think it was almost midnight or something.

The other? Kepler ; more about that will wait until I am actually awake and not randomly tossing words together hoping I can assemble what vaguely resembles a blog entry before it is tomorrow and my pretty calendar would be messed up again. It did not fare so well the last two months, but October has hope.

Should’ve posted this Monday… saw this car on Saturday. Now is that not the most bestest colour for a car you’ve ever seen? And the second… or is it third? most bested colour for a cat? Frinkey coloured.

(Wait, that way of sneaking in a cat picture doesn’t even make sense.)

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