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Modular felted backpack progress…

Picked up Hyphen-Boy’s modular felted backpack again… maybe this time I’ll actually stick to it and finish it! The backpack is made of these tidy little modules which take about 15 minutes each to knit. Eight modules make up a tier, and the bag has a total of twelve tiers. While each module only has about 300 stitches, all the picking up stitches and yarn changes and decreases and such clutter makes it an entertaining knit. Entertaining in small doses, I mean. After half a dozen of these, my mind wanders. Still, 64 done and only 32 to go!

This is the front or back – the other side (is it the back or the front?) looks the same.

And these are the sides, which will be folded in and only slightly visible. (Look at the examples again.)

Size reference coming some other day. Believe it or not – I prefer “believe it” – this is a very portable WIP. Five balls of yarn, a #8 circ, scissors, pattern (just in case), and the blob itself all fit very nicely in a single bag. It’s an awesome bag, too. 25 cents at a yard sale and I get…

Though I do confuse myself sometimes by keeping the scissors in that bag. A couple days ago I was looking for them – they’re very nice scissors, mind you – and couldn’t figure where in tarnation I left them. That means I hadn’t touched the backpack in too long, I suppose.

Other pattern notes so far – the modules not being very flat or even pre-felted irks me. It just… does. The pictures show that it’ll all come out in the wash (sorry), but as it is it’s not tidy! The “p2tog across” row looks especially lopsided, what with it not being symmetrical. Unclean, unclean! But it claims to look good post-felting. I’ve been trimming the tails every tier or two, too, to keep the innards tidy. BIG box of scraps accumulating. Will show that off some other day. For something to be felted, #8 needles seem a bit small for 220, but that’s what the pattern calls for and it seems to match the pre-felted pictures in the pattern, so who am I, the lowly rodent, to argue?

Anyway. Tomorrow is a shindig at Upstairs Studio, the greatest yarn store ever to store a yarn. Hope I see some familiar faces! Stalkers – look for the lace fiend wearing a Yarns 2 Ewe shirt with the old address. I’m sure there’ll be a passel of those there!

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