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FO – big honking circular shawl

This is as close to getting done as it ever will be… yesterday at 40 of 50 repeats of the edging done, I ran out of yarn. Not totally out of yarn… just not enough to do another repeat of the edging. Last night Laura suggested just binding off what stitches were left and calling that the neck edge. Sure, why not.

Blocking method of choice… tossing the broom onto the roof, sweeping off a shawl-sized spot, and putting the broom away as if I were a decent human… washing out the shawl, ignoring all the crud washed out of shawl, and tossing soggy mass of sheep hair onto the roof… stretch out shawl fairly evenly… try to pull out each edging point, then yelp at roasting feet because silly rodent wasn’t wearing shoes and the roof is HOT when the sun is shining on that side of the house! So, um, not so even.

Pattern – started out as this treasure from knitting-and ; wandered off doing my own thing at about round 100, since the pattern is majorly buggy.
Yarn – three hanks of Knitpicks Colour Your Own
Started – 19 September ’05
Finished – 12 October ’05

About the wart in the center – I cut out the center of the shawl and reknit it so it was actually flat. Quite a blob of yarn was left over when done. That’s a precise measure, you know – a blob. It’s very blob-like. The new center… can you tell where it was cut and knit in?

Here I look as if I’m about to be abducted by aliens. Or return to my home on another planet? One or the other.

That’s with the non-edging-edge around my neck. Finished size is about five and a half feet across. This also makes it a decent size to fold in half and treat as a semicircle, though it rather obscures the lace patterns. Not that the size really matters – it is officially named That Thar Comfy Thing Which Stays by the TV for when Somebody Else Hogs the Furry Blankets.

Not to forgo the FO-and-critter-shot theme which I apparently forgot last post… anybody want some (erm, two) squirrel pictures?

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