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FO – Mystery Shawl #3

No, not the circular shawl… rescued from the depths of the UFO pile, MS#3! A few days ago I was thinking about it, wondering why it was abandoned. Well… last night I pulled it out of the basket, shook of the dust, and found that I was only about 40 rows from the end of one side. Looked vaguely like this. Notice the different colours? Sometime in February I spilled something on it and when I tried to rinse out the whole thing before pinning it out to see how far along it was… turned all of what I’d knit so far a weird colour. I don’t think I admitted it, blog-wise, until April.

At the time, I’d hoped to make a long shawl like Madli. So when I pinned it out and found that it was only just over four feet long, I was a bit irked. I thought I’d add a long edging to the thing to make it closer to the size I wanted. Found a nice and froofy edging for the one side but couldn’t come up with something that would add a foot to either edge. To the UFO pile it went… until the other day when I realised that it’s still a nice size! Covers the shoulders but the arms are mostly free… why not keep it that size? Last night I finished knitting the last few rows. Today I dyed it… stick a fork in it, it’s done!

Pattern – dredged up from the dank recesses of my mind
Yarn – 1 hank of Skacel Merino laceweight in white, coloured with a few drops of blue food colouring
Started – December 22 ’04
Finished – Oct 10 ’05
Size – long edge is about 54″ , short edge is 24″ + 6″ of edging at points

I don’t know which way I like it more… the points on the back or the edging folded over like a collar. Not having arms that stretch very far behind me and not wanting to fuss with the self timer when so many skeeters are out looking for a tasty nibble, this is all the camera had to offer.

Why I never thought of this sooner, we may never know. Nice to get something finished, though! Now if only I could rescue either of the mystery tanks in the UFO pile.

Wings Over Houston – Flip through the whole gallery – four pages of it! One picture I didn’t put over there… both cute Canadian and the Texas tail!

(click for the full image, which is mostly sky. It was either mostly sky or mostly concrete – sky won.)

Also… yesterday’s was the greatest baseball game EVER. No, really. It was.

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