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sandy beaches and distant reaches and oh those lovely Georgia peaches…

Did I say the shawl’s edging was going along rather quickly? Yeah. 31 out of 50 repeats finished…

I’m a bit concerned about the amount of yarn left, though. The main body of the shawl took two full balls of Knitpicks Color Your Own – a third ball was started just a few rows into the edging. Could just an edging really take half as much yarn as the shawl itself did? Looks like it’ll be close. Whoops. Now that was planning.

Tried to take some pictures with the shawl around me to combat this bitter cold to show what size it is. The door is not a mirror. This didn’t work either. Fritty, will you wear it for me?

I also asked Coco if she’d model it. Her claws gave a very clear answer… she has not taken kindly to being kept inside. Stupid neighbour dog who would nudge open the gate and eat Coco’s food doesn’t appreciate his food source being taken away either.

In other news, yesterday while traipsing out and about over in Clear Lake I saw the Snowbirds out practicing. I think they should fly slower so I can more easily take pictures of them. It’s a Canadian conspiracy, I tells ya. Today a B-52 flew right over the car in Friendswood, but I couldn’t very well take a picture since I was driving. Grumblemuttergrumble.

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