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shawl progress

Finally, I can get back to the usual party… neighbour cat returned to neighbourling a couple days ago and Brotherling returned to uni this morning. Yay for being able to crank up Partridge Family albums as loud as the turntable will go.

Gasp, knitting. Whooda thunk. The overgrown doily / tablecloth/ shawl is about to the point where I need to actually decide what size I want it to be. Last night I spread it across several circs (okay, five, including the 52″ Denise cord and two 40″ needles usually saved for doilies) to see what size it was and found…

(Anybody who can recognise either of the WIPs in that basket on the right hanging off my bed is either clairvoyant or stalking me. )
Getting close to being a good shawl size… but what’s with the wart on the back? Why didn’t I notice that when I spread it out last week? The part which doesn’t lay flat is from the first 25 rounds in the pattern. The rest is happy. The pictures on the pattern show 12 little leaves in the center. I have 12 little leaves. The pattern shows it behaving itself. Mine… does not. Huh. And that’s from the part that’s correct! I followed the pattern as written until about round 100 or so. Then all heckie-darn broke loose and I couldn’t chart out the rows to match my stitches or the picture… I’m sure somebody else could figure it out if they set their mind to it. About halfway through this next picture is where I wandered off. Good luck matching it to the pattern.

It looks a bit weird – and downright disturbing when compared to the tablecloth – but when worn as a shawl, it’s not visible. (Whadda ya mean, it is? Look at the first picture again!) The current width of the shawl is… I kinda sorta forgot to measure it while it was on the roof. 488 stitches, though. I’ve used a ball and a half of Knitpicks Colour Your Own (with Arctic Green Apple kool-aid) and still have an unmolested ball to use, so I can pretty much do whatever without worrying about yarn constraints. Now to decide if I want to do some other lace for a bit and a narrow edging or if I want to increase a passel more and do a wide edging. ..

And for the whole thing laid out flat… why, the roof is even better than laying it out on the grass. Keeps a good grip on the knitting. I tried to make it as round as possible but apparently did not try very hard.

Oh yeah, about the roof thing. Did I ever explain that well? A while back I mentioned my treehouse which Dad built to be completely portable… if by “portable” I mean “takes two people and much yelling to move it.” It’s quite well built, though in need of a fresh coat of water sealer. A couple weeks Mom assembled a great little… thing… to cover the back door… well, just look at it. The bench is nice and shady for most of the day and the back door is protected from the rain… and hey, I can climb onto the roof. The shawl looks like an alien egg frying, doesn’t it. And the fall foliage is out… the recent heat is taking its toll on the whinier of the trees. Take THAT, yankee trees with your orange and red leaves and other scary things.

Speaking of stylish knit pants… how about a flattering Homespun dress?

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