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A very handpainted weekend

Many moons ago, Malabrigo was mentioned in Knitty Chat. A quick check of the website showed that the yarn isn’t sold anywhere in Texas. Odd, that. They should know how well wool sells around here! Roxy, dear heart she is, sent me a hank – the moment I felt it, I knew it had to be worn on my head. Balancing the hank on my noggin did not work well, though. I decided to save it until I had my hair lopped off, as a head-warming treat. And a treat it was! Cast on Saturday morning, bound off Sunday afternoon… graciously modeled by a styrofoam head, since none with me in it came out decently. (That is, attempts to edit out a massive zit did not go well.) The colours on this picture are way off because I’m just talented that way.

Yes, that is a starfish on the top. I had heap big fun working out how to do the top without cutting the yarn… and yes, I did write what I was doing for the whole thing. Will post it once I either get better pictures or admit this is as good as it’s getting. But Ack! I wasn’t paying attention and where I bound off the live stitches on the band to the cast on didn’t match perfectly! Poor me. All the knitters will laugh at me now. And boy does my arm look weird holding up a hat like this.

So, anyway. Went out to town today to do useful things and check out a few more camera stores. On the way out… wha? Police cars and fire trucks loitering around in the middle of the street? In dear sweet little Alvin? Why??? Well…
(Pardon the mirror.)

Yes, a BIG HONKING PILE OF TRASH in the road. It was big. It honked. It was trashy. And for some reason I felt compelled not only to take a picture but also to post it for 2/3rds of the world to see.
(I’m going to show this picture to Dad as PROOF I need a new camera. You can barely see the trash!)

And what should appear in my mailbox today but the first of the birthday cards? Karen sent a gnomealicious card and PolarG sent a SQUIRREL card and two hanks of laceweight. Way to make a monkee purr!

I want to lick that laceweight… but no, already started one big honkin’ project this week. (What’s with the honking?) Started the “Knitted Lace Doily from 1940’s Coats Patons Crochet Doily Leaflet” (what a mouthful!) – but no, not as a tablecloth as shown… a shawl. I’m using Knitpicks Colour Your Own dyed in Arctic Green Apple on #6 needles… and already it’s too large across to lay flat on the circ. I have absolutely no idea how many rounds this will need… or how much yarn… or how large across I want the finished shawl to be… but we’ll see, won’t we?

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