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FO – Kimono Shawl

Pattern – “Kimono Shawl” from “Folk Shawls” (Cheryl Oberle)
Yarn – Skacel Merino Laceweight in… #93, I think… one hank with gobs leftover (“gob” being a very precise term)
Needles – #6
Start date – 28 July
Finish date – 16 Sept
Total stitches – 43,992 (14 repeats of 24-row lace pattern plus 20 rows garter stitch either side times 117 sts)
Finished size – about 2′ x 6′ (60cm x 180cm?)

For the past month this has been my sometimes-project, easy to tote around… and around was it toted. Kimono Shawl had a very interesting travelling life while a WIP, seeing both a baseball game and the University of Houston. This probably explains the colour of the water when I washed the shawl… if it were dye running, the water would’ve been purple, not brown. Whoops. And what do I do once it’s washed and blocked? Toss it back onto the vegetation.

Yeah, that worked. The pattern is actually visible against a solid background… erm, t-shirt.

Or maybe not.

Hair comments – I am LOVING how… lightheaded… this is in comparison to longer hair. The thing the stylist said about ironing out the bangs to get them to lay flat? Not so sure about that. I’ve burned my ears more times than I’d care to admit – and it’s only been two days! The slickery slimey stuff intended to keep the hair from roasting smells great, though, so I don’t particularly mind doing it… its happy smells overpower the smell of burning monkey ears. Today I was able to get *half* to lay flat. Well, it’s progress….

And since I apparently do FO & critter shots for these entries…

The youngest of the cats… Jenny-O the Turkee Cat, also known as the dorky little kitten. Sure, she’s a few years old, but she’ll always be the dorky little kitten.

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