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Almost cut my hair…

Almost nothin’… I did today! It was getting kinda long… coulda say it was in my way. So much for my freak flag. (Sincerest apologies to David Crosby for my mangling of his lyrics. Just be glad you didn’t hear me “sing”.)

Anyway. First, a ratty bathroom mirror “before” shot…

Yes. Kinda long. Not as long as it was last time I had it cut, though… two and a half years ago I had 20″ lopped off for Locks of Love. (Helen? Jo? I know you like commenting on the tushieness of that picture… but those comments make for some very weird search engine hits.) But kinda long. Long enough to have another foot cut off today. Mom found a (very nice) place which will cut hair for LoL for free, so this morning…

(Hey, can we go back and take that picture again? )

The barber stylist asked what flavour of hair I wanted. Having absolutely no clue what options there are, short-hair-wise, I said that whatever she came up with was fine. And what did she come up with?

It’s like… the anti-mullet! Where the mullet is short in front and long in back, this is long in front but short in back. Hey, if I can’t have a femullet, I’ll take this! And my favourite part? The little blonde patch on the very back, formerly lost in a sea of monkeefluff, is now…

Pardon the angle… sideways picture is better than no picture, no?

Oh, and knitting content. Um… now I’ll actually be able to wear hats without strangling all my hair. Yeah, that’s it.

And! My “secret” pal MacGyver sent me a very lickable nice picture! I’d post it, but… heh heh… it’s a very special picture. He is quite lickable shirtless and that look in his eyes… oh, nevermind. He’s MINE! ALL MINE!!!

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