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So, what do you do with all these doilies?

This question has been asked in comments probably a dozen times… has it been that many? Let’s see. Amy asked after I finished Egeblad.. Rachel commented when I finished Hilde… and Rebekah posted something just last week. Guess three isn’t a dozen. Anyway.

Some of the doilies actually do live useful lives. Pinwheel doily lives right next to the computer…

(Dark patch = tea dribbles ; mouse = right next to the computer. I like stating the semi-obvious.)
Pinwheel doily used to be Frit’s favourite place to nap until I moved it away from the window… now she is nesting in a box lid. I think the lid used to hold semi-useful things until she nudged them out.

Anyway, doilies. Next up is Brighton Lace Doily/Doily from Hell. I did this critter in early March and it hasn’t been reblocked since… its small part in life is to give my contacts case a nice and comfy place to air out so I’m not putting a drippy thing right on the furniture.

That doily took less than a ball of the pink thread; I had two full balls of it when I started. I figured I had more than enough for another doily… had both balls in a very sensible and easy-to-find place when I started the second doily… but by the time I finished what was left of the first ball of thread, the second (full) ball had evaporated. What to do but slip it onto bamboo skewers and nail it to the wall.

(The picture is sideways so I can show both the pattern and the doily without pestering the mirror too much. Yes, that’s a stuffed shark living inside a little chicken basket… and yes, a few ickle Beanie Babies live there… on top is a squirrel and a husky, and behind the shark is a lion. What of it? )

So that’s the infamous yarnfwd doily which was once taped to my door… think it’s happier nailed to the wall. Doesn’t fall down as often and the pattern is right there too.

Not a proper doily, but doily-ish. Did this one last October… pattern came from the label of a big honkin’ skein of Bernat Handicrafter. It lives in the kitchen and has been run through the normal loads of laundry many times. Apparently not recently, though. Its goal in life is to catch Kool-Aid and tea drips before they turn the counter odd colours. Apparently not successfully, though.

The other doilies? Hilde is living under a tin. It’s some standard cookie tin decorated with stereotypical Christmas drivel… snow and reindeers and the like… and it has some candy in it. You know, the type of candy that lives in a tin for months because nobody eats it but nobody wants to throw it out. Yeah. All that peeks out from below the tin is a few of the crochet loops on the bind off. I guess you could say that the doily is keeping a rust ring from forming on the furniture.

Egeblad – for some reason still unclear to me, Mom wants to send a doily to some family member… which one exactly is also beyond me. Rather than ask questions, I tossed Egeblad at her. Don’t think she’s sent it off yet, though.

Syvystj… – you know, the doily I just finished – doesn’t have a home yet. I’m actually of half a mind to put it up for adoption/swap/whatever, but I don’t know what I’d ask for it. Any ideas?

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