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FO – Syvstjernen

Pattern – Syvstjernen
Start Date – 31 August
Finish date – 9 September
Yarn – #10 crochet thread
Needles – 2.5mm Addis
Finished size – about 25″ across

Here’s the doily on the kitchen table, straight off the needles…

The pattern called for half a dozen plain rounds between the final interesting round and binding off. I didn’t think I had enough thread for that, so I only did two plain rounds. Looking at how much thread I had left after binding off, I could’ve done one more round… but not all that it called for.

Anyway, the center doesn’t look much different after blocking, but the final few rounds are definitely happier.

Wow, blocking also created better lighting! As y’all can see, I pinned out only about half of the chains at the end – ran out of pins. Not that I’d have pinned out all 180 of them if I had enough pins.

What size it is… definitely the largest doily I’ve done. It’s over two feet across and makes a very nice blanket for Frit.

I tried the tape-measure-across-doily trick… didn’t work. Picture didn’t show the numbers clearly enough. Tried having my feet in the picture. Um, no. I laid the doily out on the kitchen floor and tried to lure Frit across it. No luck. Finally tossed it on her while she was lounging in the hallway. Why couldn’t she rest somewhere with good light?

Some days I think the squirrel would be a better model than Frit is. Just lay the doily out on the grass with some squirrelseed on top and wait….

(You didn’t really think I’d do that, would you.)

Also, if y’all keep not commenting, I’m going to hold my breath until my face turns blue.

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