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everyone would just pretend to die. (we weren’t very good at it)

(Thank BloodQuaffer/OtherLaura for the awesome subject line!)

Today’s entertainment was spending all day at the University of Houston (“teh Uh”) with Brotherling… had to get up obscenely early to hitch a ride with Dadling. (“Obscenely early” = 6 AM to have plenty of time to get ready before leaving at 7. Okay, maybe it’s not very early… unless you consistently stay up until 2AM in KnittyChat.) Anyway.

First off, Brotherling had to drop off some homework. Head to the sixth floor of some building… leave me to entertain myself. If I had been awake and alert at 8:30 in the bloomin’ morning, I’d have held up Kimono Shawl for this picture. But… nope. Instead a yarn-free view of … the view… from… some building. (This post will have more elipses than usual – consider yourself warned. That’s what happens when you get up too early and stay up too late. Usually I get up too late and stay up too late.)

All those close buildings are part of Teh Uh, but danged if I know what they are. Amid the smog clouds is Houston. At the very left edge is Reliant Stadium (zoom in if you must) and the rest… I really don’t know. All day I was completely lost. I think most of Houston is further to the right. (Not a political comment.) Or maybe my camera is more craptacular than I realise. Anyone’s guess.

B’ling and I then meandered over to his only class of the day, something something sociolinguistics. Absolutely fascinating… wanted to stay there all day. Well, until they kicked us out after the class ended. Then I wanted to be elsewhere. We wantered over to the … somewhere… and loitered about with B’ling’s girlfriend-ish for a while.

I have a confession. For the first time, I drank something from a Starbucks. The world did not explode and the sun still set in the evening. Not sure if the sun will rise tomorrow morning, though.

Anyway. Girlfriendling had stuff and junk to do; B’ling and I headed over to the Honors Commons to see which of his parnters in crime were afoot. After a few howdy howdys to people on their way to class, B’ling lassoed two others into a Scrabble game. The exchanges among the four of us were quite disturbing, since he and I have a way of talking that nobody else quite understands. Even the two of us being in the same room at the same time is a very bad idea since neither of us play well with others.

Him: “How long have you been wearing that shirt?”
Me: *blinkblink*
Him: “When was the last time you washed that shirt?”
Me: “… why- does it have something on it?”
Him: “You have some buttfur on the shoulder.”
Me: *glances at shoulder* “I don’t see anything.”
Him: “Look!” *points*
Me: “Still don’t see anything.”
Him: “You’re not playing along.”
Me: *blinkblink*
Him: “You’re supposed to ask what’s a buttfur.”
Me: “Oh.”

See. Very bad idea. Imagine a full day of such exchanges. Now imagine 17 years of that. The first Scrabble game of the day turned out pretty well, though. He beat me by about twenty points. The other two players trailed me by 50+ points.

A few notes on the board… we played all nice and legal until the final rack. Then three of us collaborated to add “meat” to “loaf”… the other girl played a few non-words to make “joker”… the other guy played “IO” in the middle of nowhere… I turned that into “car” and “rio”. B’ling then played “runt” sideways across the triple word score. None of the points from these final plays were counted. The blank-i-i were tossed on at the end because… umm… apparently, no reason not to. Not real sure how that works.

While playing the game, I knit a bit on Kimono Shawl. Another gal at the table (not involved in the game) fawned over it for a bit and offered to buy it (when finished) for $80. I avoided the question by telling her to ask again when it’s done. Knowing me, I’ll plumb forget about it… unless I read back to here. Hmm.

Anyway, after the game was over, Brotherling, half a dozen of his cohorts, and I headed off to lunch… I am very impressed by how tame the pigeons are around there. Squirrels, too, for that manner – but the squirrel ran off before I could turn the camera on. Anyway, pigeons. I fed them a bit of the rice from my sushi… they didn’t spring for the wasabi, sad to say. While I couldn’t get them to peck out my hand, two of the birds came quite close.

The building where we had lunch probably had some froofy name, but whatever it is escapes me. In the center was a big open area with a … thing … and a waterfall (though I’m not sure it was water…) and a couple of people fencing.

You really need to use a bit of imagination to see it, but the big… thing… on the right is a … thing… of a gazelle being eaten by a cougar.
Yeah. In one of the main buildings on U of H, they have a big thing of a gazelle being slaughtered by a cougar! What a great mascot!

After lunch, B’ling, a friend of his, and I wandered over to B’ling’s room, where we talked for a while until the other person had a class to go to. (Did I have enough commas there?) After a quick e-mail (and Knitty!) check, I went off wandering while B’ling either napped or did homework. Found a couple good spots to sit and knit… got lost… and then found somebody to model Kimono Shawl for me. Here’s that delightful school mascot Shasta again –

SyvhsthyySevenPointStar doily snuck into the picture, too… and now I realise I should’ve propped it up so that the bag there is visible – my Knitty / knit geek tote. Got a few compliments on that, too… pretty sure for the “knit geek” part. Eventually I found my way back to the Honors Commons, where I knit for a few more minutes before the Scrabble club assembled for the afternoon’s games. Two more four-player games… Brotherling won the first; I won the second. Neither of the games were worthy of pictures… and I think that’s all that happened today. Dadling arrived to fetch me while a game was still going; he chatted with one of the professors for a few minutes until the game was over. D’ling, B’ling, and I found something semi-edible… left the boy there… and headed home. Yeah, that happened today too. Oh well. The doily is up to round 90 of 101! Not going to mention anything about the amount of thread left, though….

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