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Syvstjernen is up to somewhere around round 40… this means I’m over a third done, right? It only has 100 rounds!
As Stariel so alertly commented, this creature has seven points! Great shade of blue, ain’t it.

This is #10 crochet cotton on 2.5mm needles. The last doilies done in #10 cotton (Egeblad and Hilde) were on 2mm needles – same needles as used with #30 thread on the doilybag – so I figured it was high time to try slightly larger needles. Now why didn’t I do this sooner? These Addis sure are nicer than the 2mm Inox circs…

I’m quite entertained with using grass as the background. On smooth solid surfaces, the doily wants to skrinch up like most any unblocked lace would. The grass has enough in the way of fangs to keep this from happening, but isn’t too distracting. At least… not an a doily. Kimono Shawl disagrees.

Last picture I had about six repeats done… now it’s at nine. Fascinating, ain’t it. You can (sorta) see that the most recent three repeats are unblocked, while the earlier part has been (mostly) blocked…

Coco wasn’t so amused, though. All high and mighty upon her cinder block throne….

However, the chickens are quite entertained by me carrying my knitting around the yard looking for a prime spot for taking pictures.
One again, I caught a bird mid-blink. Ain’t I talented.

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