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finally, a post which isn’t hiding!

Just when I get ready for a real entry, the sun goes into hiding… hmm. Anyway. Finished the first SP gift and finished the Klein Bottle hat. I mean, the “3-dimensional representation of a Klein Bottle” hat.

Um. Notice something weird to the left? I didn’t realise that the hat would turn inside-out like that. I thought the inside would be the inside and the outside would be the outside. If you understand what on earth I mean, please explain it to me in terms I understand… because I’m lost.

But it mostly works if I leave it like this. Stockinette on the outside… stockinette on the inside. Can you smell my head overheating?!

I guess this means I need to try a third one. First try was ribbed… but ribbing can’t be grafted completely invisibly. You see what happens with stockinette… so next time, garter stitch. Lace or no?

So, having finished a couple things, time for a new project… despite my WIP list which I rarely update. New doily! This time… Syvstjernen.
What was that?
That name makes me giggle.

Oh well. Hopefully I’ll have enough knit by next post for a good picture!

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