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FO – a reticule!

Eh, couldn’t wait until Monday to post this. So much for my neat and tidy calendar with all the posts in rows. The doilybag is done!

Start date – 26 July ’05
Finish date – 12 Aug ’05
Pattern – started as Doily with Spiral, inadvertantly modified to be a bag
Thread – DMC #30 crochet cotton
Needles – 40″ 2mm circs
Gauge – about 12 sts x 16 rows per inch
Other useful things – eyelets, the appropriate weapon, shiny blue ribbon, shiny purple fabric

Here it is, looking like… a bag!

Where’s the creme filling?

There you can kindasorta see how the whole thing is put together. Despite my kvetching last night, the lining wasn’t too hard. The ribbon is threaded in and out of the appropriate yarnovers and the little eyelet things – these beasties.

While I was hammering away on the lining getting all the eyelets in, the bag was blocking… I threaded some scrap yarn through the yarnovers along the edge , tightened it up, blew up a balloon inside the bag, and then tied the scrap yarn to the chain of the ceiling fan. That probably makes absolutely no sense, but it was a blast to watch swirl around.

Anyway. When it’s all cinched up, it ruffles like shown above. When opened up, though…

Gratuitous close-up of the edge, which did not get any sort of blocking –

And the whole thing laid out flat. Hey, it looks like a hat!

Well, maybe not.

One other thing I utterly failed to post yesterday – my music collection could use some fresh blood and judging by how the song lyric game at Knittyboard is going… some of y’all have pretty fresh taste on music.

So. If any of y’all are interested, I’ll send a carefully selected and arranged CD involving the likes of George Harrison, Great Big Sea, Al Stewart, Jimmy Buffett, and Asleep at the Wheel – with no more than five novelty songs per CD! – in exchange for a mix of your favourite songs and musicians and whatnots. (Heavy on the whatnots.) Anybody game?

“Apollo C. Vermouth” would be a great spammer name, wouldn’t it.

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