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Still not done??

The doilybag… I WILL finish it tonight. Really. But it’s nearly tomorrow and I missed the first airing of Stargate:Atlantis… I was out at the sewing machine working on the lining. The shiny purple fabric won, and it does look great! But next time I consider knitting anything that requires the sewing machine, SLAP ME. Ergh. All I have left is threading the ribbon through all the little eyelets in the fabric – I didn’t post about those before, did I – and through the appropriate holes in the knitting… which is remarkably slow. More pictures and blather next post.

So what do I have to offer this post? Hypen-Boy’s Modular Felted Backpack.
Yeah. I started that on Monday. I’m probably a quarter through it already. (No wonder the doilybag seemed to go slowly. 😳 Seven, sweetheart she is, sent me the fixings for it….
(quick, I need Christmas gift suggestions!)
At the bottom of the picture is the top of the bag. (Look at the pictures until your eyes cross.) Those big honking holes are will the grommets can go once I find them.

These are the colours of the front and the back of the bag –

And these are going to be the sides –

The yelloweyorangeygoldey bits are the corners and the blue runs down the center of all the sides. More on this some other post. As it is I’ve been typing this post in the commercial breaks of SG-Atlantis. (Grumblemuttergrumble.)

I’ve been posting both chickens and guineas under the “Chickens” category. Should I change it to say “chickens and guineas” or “galliformes”? The first is more accessible; the second is more amusing.

Yeah, I see you going to Google “galliformes” right now. Wiki this!

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