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You’d think by now I’d be able to read a pattern.
I’ve been happily knitting on the “Doily with Spiral“, amazed at myself for knitting with #30 crochet cotton on #0 needles (let me say that again – #30 crochet cotton on 2mm needles!) , when it occurred to me to read the pattern again.
I’ve been knitting it “*yo k1 yo k2 yo k12 (or whatever) k2tog* “, k1 round even, *k to last two sts k2tog*, k1 round even. The pattern doesn’t call for those two plain rounds. Well maybe it’d be a bit less boring if there were half as many rounds.
Thing is, starting the doily was an absolute pain. I can’t frog this. And the doily seems to lie flat –

Though I can’t figure *why* it stays flat every time I count the stitches. Seein’ as how what I’m doing is wrong, I can’t very well keep knitting. But it seems to be working, so I can’t frog. Do I put it on dpns and stick it next to the pink doily on my door? Or maybe I can use it as a little bag.

Hmm, guess just how much Brotherling mowed.

Coincidentally, the doily is the same size as a big honkin’ ball of yarn attatched to something new.
(You can see it’s big – but do you hear the honks?)

That’s Skacel Merino Lace in.. uhh… #93, I guess.

This is the start of the “Kimono Shawl” from “Folk Shawls”. It’s not quite big enough to block a bit yet, so it’s pretty… lumpy.

Each of the blue bits to the right mark off a completed 24-row repeat. The pattern calls for 25 repeats, but I don’t expect to need to do near that many.

Random close-up –

Neither of these will actually be finished anytime soon. Three of my last five posts have been finished objects – what a nasty habit! I need to go for a dozen posts or so with nothing finished to be back to normal!

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