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FO: Hilde doily

Apparently, I did not do a good job of pinning this out to be round.

Pattern: Hilde doily
Yarn: #10 crochet cotton
Start date: 22 July ’05
Finish date: 24 July ’05
Size: about 10″ across

The pattern only has 40-something rounds, so it was a pretty quick knit – other than all the time wrestling with knitting a greasy little yarnover together with another stitch. Next time I do something that calls for a yarnover to be knit together with anything, slap me upside the head.

On this doily, I didn’t even attempt to chart it along the way. Lace on every row and double yarnovers… I need to practice reading written patterns, don’t I.

I’m running low on clever ideas for showing what size things are. Is this any help?

Yeah, definitely not large enough for a Fritty bed.

Next doily… “Doily With Spiral” . (Really, I do not intend to do every single doily on this page. Just the really nice ones.)
This time, I’ve pulled out a ball of #30 crochet cotton. Much to my amazement, it’s not coming out too loose on the same #0 needles. And the doily of choice has a hundred rounds, so this should still turn out to be a decent size. After several miserably failed starts, I’m at round 20-something.

One thing I should’ve considered sooner –
This is a really boring pattern.
Every round from just a little bit into it until round 66 is the same 2-row repeat, just adding a single stitch each time around. Oh yeah, that’ll keep me interested. I won’t have to look at the pattern, much less chart it, until I have something like 250 stitches on the needle.

As promised, I did hunt down decent pictures of Coco which aren’t just her backside . These pictures are about four years old, not that she acts any different now.

Yes, she does really always look like that.

Can you smell the cat breath from here?

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