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construction and a meme or two

By Jove, it’s a wall!

That’s this weekend’s work. For the longest time, the wall just… wasn’t. I never did take a picture of that, did I. Two layers of plywood and that wimpy little sheet of insulation that kept the heat out about as well as… something that doesn’t keep the heat out.
Maybe I wasn’t that much help over the weekend… pretty much all I did was keep one end of the board or the other still while Dad does the circular saw magic so that he doesn’t have to wrestle with clamps for every cut, fetch fresh nails when he needs them, and chase down the misbehaving nails which go flying, but at least I made an effort to be around. *pokepoke* Brotherling? Hey, you? And what were you doing all day?

Apparently, it taking seven months to get the wall framed is perfectly normal. As long as the ruts are still visible, it hasn’t taken too long to fix this.
(Useful note for people who haven’t been hanging on to my every word since last Decemeber – read this page.)

I am SO not looking forward to when it finally quits raining most days and we’ll be able to mow again. Maybe I’ll take some proper pictures of how tall it is someday. (Whenever I find those pictures of Coco?)

Because I am a part-time sheep, a pair of memes – Kate, the Odd Ball Knitter tagged me with the first and Elisabeth tagged me with the second. Wow. I’m responding to memes less than a week after being tagged. This is a record for me.

10 years ago: *blinkblink* I was 7 at the time. I have no clue.
(whoo, off to a hot start here)

5 years ago: Summer 2000 – highlights of the summer were multiple water-related disasters. Insanely dry year. Our well dried up so much that the pipe that was supposed to suck up water wasn’t long enough to reach the water – had to pull out the old pipe and replace it with a longer pipe. Navigating the pipes up around at the length they were was quite comical. A later waterey disaster happened when a pipe in the kitchen wall burst, flooding the kitchen. Thankfully towels were put down before the water could reach the hall carpet. * The final event of the summer was the water heater dying, which wasn’t quite so dramatic as the previous two events.

When the house was not flooding, I spent my time danging from the tire swing in the back yard trying to read upside-down. This is not hard when both the book and the human are upside-down. A bit tricky when one is and the other isn’t.

* Brotherling and I encountered the flooded kitchen at the same time. He got all yell-ey and headed for the garden where Mom was to tell her. I knew how unpleasant wet carpets were from some excitement a few years before that when the toilet in Parentlings’ room died and they had to pull up all the carpet in their room; rather than heading out to Mom as soon as I saw the flood, I put down a pile of towels. The water was already only about a foot from the carpet and at the rate the water was flowing, I knew it wouldn’t be long before the water would reach the carpet. If you ask Brotherling how this went down, he’ll probably say that it was his brilliant idea. Don’t listen to him.

One year ago: I was on my way to Florida with Mom; Grandmom was in the hospital at the time. We spent four or five days in Pensacola, about half of the time in the hospital. All sorts of relatives came out of the woodwork, including quite a few whose exact relation still escapes me. Mom & I were able to spend a couple hours at the beach and a couple hours at the museum of Naval Aviation. My great-aunt asked me to teach her how to tat. I have no idea how well I actually did, but it was an interesting trip all around.

Yesterday: Helped rearrange how the phones and answering machine and all that are plugged in in the living room; had to relocate about half of my stash to my room. 馃檨 My room also got a bit of rearranging and semi-tidying. The extension cord that the clock by my bed was plugged into was pilfered for use in the living room. Still haven’t figured out how to get it plugged back in. (How can we be short on extension cords? This is one of the household staples, right up there with toilet paper and kitty litter.)

Today: Umm… finished a doily, started a shawl, tried to scrub the kitchen cabinets so they appeared to be white. I don’t think I was successful.

Tomorrow: *shrug*

5 Snacks I enjoy: Whatever’s leftover from dinner?

5 Bands or Singers I know the lyrics to most of their songs: The Monkees, Jimmy Buffett, the Buffalo Springfield, CSN&Y, and Great Big Sea, if me mumbling along with the song to a vaguely similar tune countsas knowing the lyrics.

Things I would Do with $1,000,000: Total cop-out answer: give it to Parentlings / put it in savings.

5 Locations I would love to run away to: If this is to be used in conjunction with that million dollars… Mobile, AL… Vancouver, BC… Middle of Nowhere, Missouri… is three close enough to five?

5 bad habits I have: I’m going to pretend I didn’t see this question. (Like I’d admit to sleeping in too late, being overly fond of junk food, and pestering Brotherling. Let’s not even go into my online activities, like speaking down to people on message boards like Axis of Justice and hitting on everything male at the Nearly Famous Bulletin Board . In all fairness, the NFBB is packed with hot men. Swording, Beowulf84 , Sniper, Canon, Steely, Alan Fud, and my favourite, NearlyFamousBB/Gus… wow. (If you actually clicked the link, don’t believe the picture of Swording in the sidebar; Gus just added that as a prank.) Even Peekaboo, dense chipmunk he is, can be endearingly cute at times. Not only has he had some of his rambles posted on the website of theLibertarian Party of Maryland, but also he has posted nude pictures of himself. Not that either of those has anything to do with anything. The NFBB has one more man who’s easy on the eyes, but his wife posts there and I dare not provoke her wrath. Badesumofu, however, is not on the “cute guy” list, even though he’s kinda cute, because he’s got a bit of a reputation for having cybered with all the girls who posted there about two years ago. I can name at least five. He and I never had a fling, thankfully, unless you count that time when You Got My Goat expressed some interest in Bades. And wow, I did end up listing 5 bad habits in this extended parenthetical comment. Maybe I should add “pointless rambling” to the list of bad habits.)

5 things I like doing: Reading blogs, singing along with Jimmy Buffett loudly, pestering people. Three is close enough to five.

5 things I would never wear: “Never” is a pretty long time, especially for a teenager. I’m not quite sure how that works, one person’s “never” not being as long as another’s “never”.

5 TV Shows that I like: Stargate, This Old House, Gunsmoke, The Wild Wild West, just about anything on the History Channel.

5 Movies I Like: *shrug*

5 Famous People I would like to meet: Eh, humans and I don’t get along well. I’d probably stare blankly at the person, then go back to my knitting.

5 Biggest Joys in my Life at this Moment: Fritty is the biggest joy in my life. Nothing else could come near her.

5 Favourite Toys: My turntable… the air conditioner… the fridge… *blinkblink*

And the other meme….

Pronunciation Key
n. pl. id脗路i脗路o脗路syn脗路cra脗路sies
A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

Write down (blog) five of your own personal idiosyncracies. Then, if you wish, tag five people from your live gerbil or friendslist to do the same.

This is a tough one. I’m not quite sure what’s normal and what’s just my peculiar personal style.

1. I like something either completely tidied or not at all. No such thing as half-organised. Like right now – half my room is completely organised and the other half is a pile of clutter. Nice neatly stacked boxes on one side, a jumble of UFOs and yarn and stuffed animals and such on the other.

2. …

3. Okay, I give up. Y’all need to provide my answers for what my idiosyncrasies are.

I royally stink at memes. Really. Those who haven’t been tagged and want to be, consider yourself whapped with a meme.

To answer what I do with the doilies – cat bed, apparently.

When the camera isn’t being waved in her face, Frit’s been snoozing on the yellow doily. I had no idea it was so comfortable.

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