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FO: ‘Egeblad’ doily

Pattern: Egeblad
Yarn: plain Wal-Mart #10 crochet cotton
Start Date: 17 July ’05
Finish Date: 21 July ’05

A few rounds from the end, I knew I definitely did not have enough thread to follow the pattern as written. So I knit 20 stitches for a couple rows, bound off as the pattern described, measured out how much thread that took, compared that to how much thread was left… and figured that if I did the last few rows as written, I wouldn’t have enough thread to bind off even 100 stitches. The last round had 360 stitches. Whoops. So instead of chaining 8 between thingies, I did 4 or 5… and somehow that saved enough thread to bind off the whole doily. I had about a foot of thread left at the very end. (Really, I didn’t think I’d planned that well.)

Okay, so you can see in the pictures that the crochet edging is not as even as it could be. I’d like to blame that on the pinning as much as on the crocheting. Finished size is about 20″ across.

The lovely model is Dad’s car with Coco gracing the side. She’s not very photogenic… a blob of black fur. (I do have a couple good pictures of her somewhere… I’ll hunt them down and post them next time.)

I know that sideways pictures of lace are pretty useless, but they amuse me. Amusing a rodent is worth a 16k image. (Better than arson, you know.)

note to self: things in dark yarns do not blog well. only use photogenic yarns.

Last time I posted a picture of a racoon, I received a comment that a person loathes racoons and nearabouts shrieked when she saw my blog that day. Sorry about that.


If you detest racoons, avert your eyes.

If you can’t bear to see a racoon out and prancing around, do not scroll down.

If you hate seeing a loose racoon pawing around in a bucket of cat food, leave now.

Okay? Good now?

This was just outside of our back door a couple of evenings ago. That bench is not eight feet from the back door. The bucket has the food for Coco, which was brought out a bit earlier and left out because nobody suspected that a coon would walk up, pry off the lid, and paw around in it! Not making that mistake again.

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