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… who’s the blonde stranger who entered my life….

Still working on Egeblad; now on round 80. That doesn’t sound like very much progress, does it. The doily was going quite well on double-points until the pattern split from 10 repeats a round to 20. Too many stitches for two repeats per needle; what else could a rodent do but knit on 20 double-points?
Very bad idea. Peeled the pink doily off my door, put it on double-points and yoinked the circ for this doily. Much better. The other doily will also look much more intimidating with all the skewers poking out whenever I tape it back up.
I tried pinning out the doily so the lace would actually show, but the world did not cooperate. Oh well. Proper pinned pictures coming next post, since this should actually be done by then.

This close-up is nearest to the true colour.

One small problem… will I have enough thread? Hopefully this’ll be enough for seven rows and a crochet bind off. If not, my door will have another doily decoration.

Isn’t it amazing? I can take three pictures of the same thing and they all come out to be different colours. I just have that way with technology.

Random mini-poll – I currently don’t have many older finished objects in my sidebar because the older posts are , well, craptacular. (Not that I’m any better now.) Should I ignore the older FOs and just not have them on my sidebar, leaving them to be little treasures for people who survive my archives? Make fresh posts about them and let the date be whatever date it is so they appear as new posts? Make fresh posts about them and set the date to be back when they were actually finished so they don’t appear as new posts? Set them as ‘pages’ (like Madli) where they’re not posts at all and nobody can comment?

To the person who found my blog by googling “cowgirl pron” : GO AWAY.

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