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One and a half doilies

Yesterday Brotherling was hassling me (but in a good way) about how to interpert the pile of gibberish known as knitting patterns into English. (Or American or Texan or whatever the heck I speak or read or think.) The pattern I was attempting to knit from was “Egeblad” – yes, another doily. Apparently something on that page isn’t easily readable. .. so this morning I printed out this version and pretended to follow it. B’ling chain-yanking, rare as it may be, sure is fun.
I’m in the middle of round 57 now, but I suspect major tinking will be needed to get this thing to work properly. Grumblemuttergrumblemuttergrumblemuttergrumble.

Edit a couple hours later: apparently, I was on row 47, not 57. Oddly enough, this explains why I was so confused by the pattern. No tinking was needed to fix this, but I think I need a brain transplant. Anyway.

These stitches just aren’t adding up as they’re written, but apparently the brain trust of the Knit Lace mailing list proofread the pattern. Um, okay. Next time y’all check for errors, could you please make up a chart too? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top? I’ll love you forever. Really, I will.

if i were feeling motivated, here is where I’d declare I’d redo the pattern with nice and tidy double decreases and charted and post the pattern here because it appears as though it wouldn’t be violating any copyrights to rewrite it and make it readable. of course, i’m not that motivated. sorry.

Oh yeah, about those decreases. It calls for “sl1, k2tog, psso” when in many cases a k3tog or a sl2, k1, p2sso would be prettier. Whenever in the pattern I notice which would look best, I try to replace them, but this has not always worked out well.

Come on, don’t tell me you don’t notice the differences in decreases.
Right, I’ll shut up now.

All the blather and junk for the other doily which I already posted in the Knittyboard gallery but I need to mention here too so I can put it in my sidebar –
(how’s that for a good introduction.)

Knitting Fool’s Pinwheel Doily 2
Yarn: Omega Sinfonia in… um, where did that label go?
Needles: US #5, I think.
Start date: 14 July 2005
Finish date: 16 July 2005
Finished size: about 22″ across
Other useful comments: It came from a chart! My eyes and brain will love it forever!!!

Currently it’s living on the kitchen table on a pile of life which has managed to accumulate in under a day. Funny how that happens.

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