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… and I whispered “sometimes love is only sleeping”…

(“Love is Only Sleeping” – the Monkees – I’m not listening to the song right now but couldn’t think of a decent title. )

Now don’t take this as me giving up for the search for the thread, but… I started another doily. Yarn of choice is Omega Sinfonia. Along with however much ended up used on Cozy, I had one lone ball in a nice happy bright yellow. Why it looks greenish in the pictures? Blame in on the rain… because the rain don’t mind and the rain don’t care.

Pattern is Pinwheel Doily 2 from Knitting Fool. I’m using #5s (I think, no mm written on them) on sportweight yarn, so it’s making a pretty substantial doily… but still the magic of mercerised cotton.

A couple rows later –

Most of this knitting was done last night; today has been annoyingly busy. It’d be nice if the air conditioner drip pan thingie could actually drain like it’s supposed to instead of clogging and overflowing! Mmm… don’t ya just love sticking your hand in a tub of ice-cold gacky water and poking around trying to find what’s clogging it. Oh well. I should probably get back to helping Mom rearrange furniture so the drips aren’t falling on anything useful. I’ll get better pictures if the sun ever comes out.

And thank y’all for all the comments on the last post – even the anonymous “ew!” – y’all sure know how to make a rodent feel worshipped loved!

yarn and refreshments provided – bring your own needles

How many more random comments can I toss in before I finally get back to work? Eh, this’ll be the last.

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