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you’re that peaceful feeling at the end of a long long road…

(I’m listening to the radio again. Sorry.)

Some days I really wonder where people get their cutesy pattern names. Most days I don’t. Yesterday was one, though, when I pondered what to name the sweater if I were to put the pattern up here.

Is it a bad sign when what pops into my mind is a joke? I suddenly have a craving to watch “Rawhide”. Anyways… the finished sweater all laid out.

The knitting went pretty quickly (only one week) ; anyone’s guess why.
Yarn – Knitpicks Colour Your Own
Pattern – coming someday

Random note: Seaming is magic. When I start seaming something, I get all excited because I know how amazing it is. About halfway through, I think it will never end and I wish I knit in the round. But at the end… hey, how did that happen? It’s so… tidy!

Gratuitous shoulder seam shot:

Note to self: do not knit a wool sweater in the summer. It’s not the knitting so much as the modelling that’s unpleasant. Today was in the mid 90’s; definitely not venturing outside of the air conditioning wearing this. Ratty bathroom mirror shot with colours tinkered with came out decently… I think.

First version of the pattern is now here, for those of y’all interested.


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