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Hello ruby in the dust… has your band begun to rust…

(Current music: “Cowgirl in the Sand” – Neil Young)

First off – the missing ball of thread has not shown itself, though I haven’t been aggressively searching as I was on Wednesday night. At this point, I don’t think brute force/ransacking of the house will do. This thread search will require finesse. MonkeeMagic, even.

That, or I could just ignore the doily. As much as I have loved knitting it and as much as I want to free those circs, the doily does look decorative duct taped to my door.
(No, I didn’t tape the doily itself to the door – just all the long dangling ends from the numerous knots which were in the thread. The picture came out absolutely craptacular – between the colours and the indoor lighting, I’d like to think there is no way to take a good picture of that.)

That rather useless picture last post was actually the back to a sweater. No, really. This is the front –

Yes, I intend to wear a t-shirt or something underneath the sweater. Really. If some of the strange people who loiter in knitty chat start circulating a picture of that without another shirt underneath, well, they’re just troublemakers.

The provisional cast on was so I didn’t have to figure out the neck right at the start. Score one for lazybutts! After blocking and sewing up the sides, I pulled it on and eyeballed what I thought the neck should be. Freakishly enough, it came out wearable on the first try.

What I’ll do with the neck stitches I haven’t decided yet. Y’all can see that the neck is pretty close fitting… but I don’t need to figure this out yet.
Yarn is Knitpicks Colour Your Own in light grape; the sweater will quite easily be finished with two hanks.

In other news, yesterday Mom bought the second season of “The Monkees” on DVD. Between this and the All Stars games this week (whoohoo! for Morgan Ensberg!), plenty of good knitting TV is guaranteed. When I first had the first season of “The Monkees” on DVD, I sat down and watched the whole thing all in one day.

That’s right. A single day. About 12 hours of pure unadulterated Monkees, not counting replaying particularly slapstick scenes, repeating favourite songs two or three times, zooming in on Mike Nesmith’s tuchus, and other fun things. This time I don’t think I’ll rush through the episodes quite so fast. Besides, you know, not having the time to sit down in front of the TV for that long a period, I want to savour these. About half the episodes I haven’t seen before… and the other half I haven’t seen in five years. Some Monkees fan I am! I think I need to be more in-your-face about my being a Monkees fan. You know, throwing in random bits of trivia and quoting songs & episodes at the most inopportune time and being generally annoying. Annyoinger. More annoying. Yeah, that.

Hey, did y’all know that Neil Young appeared on a Monkees album? I think my musical tastes are getting a little inbred when I can connect all my favourite artists & albums quite easily. That, or I obsess a bit too much on them… not that it’s not outrageously easy to connect the Monkees, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Jimmy Buffett. Hopefully nobody will challenge me to prove this.

edit to add a couple pictures with me inside – against my better judgement, here is the picture threatened earlier. Happy, Helen? (otter) And the first sleeve is done – sleevish ramblings will be saved for next real post.

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