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Purling backwards

(originally posted 07 July 2005, date set to when it is to hide it in archives)

Why would anyone want to do left-handed purling instead of just turning the work over and knitting as normal? Who knows. Alls I know is, I love knowing how to do this, even if it’s not used frequently.

I knit in the standard Continental style – yarn in left hand. Being competent at knitting backwards is recommended before attempting this. If you want to leap into purling backwards before learning to knit in this method, at least peruse those pictures to get the overview.

The piece on the needles is a stockinette lace pattern done in sock yarn and #6 needles. Colours are totally off and totally irrelevant. The wrong side is showing and the row currently being worked is a right-side patterned row, though none of the non-knit stitches are shown in these pictures.

Knit to whatever point in your pattern you’re willing to try this, then turn your work so the purl side is showing. The yarn is held to the front of the work as if it were a normal purl. (Because, well, it is. Sorta.)

Reach your needle around into the back loop and jab your needle in there.

You may be tempted to jab your needle into the loop which appears to be at the front of the work, as if it were a normal purl, but it doesn’t quite work like that. (Come on, don’t tell me I was the only one to make that mistake!)

As with knitting backward, your method of getting the yarn around the needle will vary. Here I’m wrapping the yarn around the needle in the method I use, whatever you want to call it.

Keeping tension on the yarn so the new stitch doesn’t go flying, maneuver the old stitch off.

Just like when first learning knitting, skill and speed at this will come with practice.

How to work k/p stitch patterns and how to work lace patterns in both knit and purl coming soon someday!!

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