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After an entertaining two-week diversion of focusing on a single project, it appears as if I’m back to my regular lack of order and focus. I should probably find fresh pictures of all my active WIPs, just to have something pretty to link to in the sidebar, but not today… just two projects returned over the weekend.

Could it perhaps be some whimsical hat with a long dangly thing on top? If only it were that simple. Somewhere hidden in those frightfully uneven ribs (I meant to do that, really) is a hole. Not a bad hole, a good hole – the right size for the long tail thing to fit through.

Now why would I want to do such a silly thing? Well… it’s a three-dimensional representation of a four-dimensional object. I’m not quite sure how that works, but it’s cool. Check out this page for a good explanation and a boatload of laughs!
Already I realise I should’ve made the long bit more than 8 stitches around. Oh well. Gotta plan for the next one… Brotherling has already begged and pleaded for a Klein bottle hat. Maybe I can be nice for once.

The other thing I’ve been attacking has been Mystery Tank #10, whose first piece, through some mathematical mishap, turned out far smaller than I’d expected. Last (and first) time I showed MT#10 was an entire 20 rows into it. The size problems were not apparent until, well, later. Me being the genius I am, I figured it’d be easier to knit up a couple of cute little side panels rather than frog what I’d knit so far.

Nu-uh. Bad idea. No. Don’t do it. I dug through my stash of yarn intended for Mystery Tanks and came up with a lone ball of Pingouin Bambou. (61% cotton/23% viscose/16% linen) Instead of doing the intelligent thing and rewinding it, I just started knitting… both pieces at one time, working from both ends of the ball. (You can see what the ball started as in this picture from my Stash Flash.) Not very far in, the ball started to fall apart. D’oh! So the Mystery Tank has been languishing since I haven’t been in the mood to untangle a mangled ball of yarn.

The side pieces so far –

The front piece is currently eluding the camera, though I *think* I know where it is. Or maybe it’s the back piece. I don’t know quite yet. At least I was a good rodent and wrote down everything I did on whichever piece I already knit… now if only I could find where I wrote it.

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