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FO: Pacific Northwest Shawl

Despite the best efforts of the seductive stack of Sudoku and the meddlesome mowing of the m…yard, yesterday I finished the Pacific Northwest shawl!
(Yes, that’s exactly two weeks after casting on.)

Pattern: Pacific Northwest Shawl by Evelyn Clark
Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr in “Peacock”, ordered from Webs
Start date: 09 June 2005
Finish date: 23 June 2005

As soon as it was off the needles, I laid it out on the floor to take this picture – even looks gorgeous unblocked, doesn’t it?

But lace always looks better blocked. Something I should have considered sooner– where do I block a beast this size? I tried the trusty blocking board thing & shower curtain get-up, only to find… well, half the shawl looks
great, the other half… whoops.

So what’s a rodent to do but fold the other half of the shawl on top of the first part pinned out? Then with a couple of clothespins I clipped another piece of cardboard to the top of the board to pin out those last two points.

This is the shawl last night, propped up in my room. Yikes – looks horrible, doesn’t it? Pattern barely visible, all those pokey bits from where I pinned instead of trying to find something clever and straight… gotta love those chilis on the tablecloth, though. The chilis make all the difference.

First thing this morning, I unpinned the the shawl, dutifully put the shower curtain away, and ran around like a headless chicken trying to find a way to show off the shawl. The solution? Clothesline!

Again I say… whoops. Where’d that shower curtain go?


Eh, I know why y’all are really here. The only place I could find with both a solid-ish background and a nice place to prop up the camera was what’s left of what was formerly known as the computer room. Sure, there’s craptastic indoor lighting… but it’s nice plywood, ain’t it?

Now for the hard part… writing the note to go with it.

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