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Happy happy mail day!

The postal gourds have smiled upon me and actually have brought two packages in a timely fashion. First up is a package of semi-edible awesomeness and medical waste from Yorkie… I can’t tell if she’s trying to fatten me up before grilling me or if she’s trying to poison me. Neither is less logical than the other.

Jaffa Cakes are incredible. Why they’re not common here may never be known to mere mortals. I’m trying not to eat the whole box within 24 hours of it falling into my hands… but I don’t think that’s possible.

The other package came from Ana; less edible than Yorkie’s loot, but it provokes more drool. :drool:

Chat from earlier:
* monkeemaven is working on a blog post but isn’t quite sure what to say
<monkeemaven> “OMG I LUV ANA I WANT TO HAVE HER BABIES” is a bit over the top, no?
<poetangel922> not at all

I’m still thinking it’s a bit over the top for posting here… any thoughts?

First up is a WIP for me to finish. (Remember the pillow from last fall?) Took only a couple of rows for me to realise how amazing Cotton Fleece is. Must use some for a Mystery Tank someday. The novelty probably will wear off after 5 or 6 inches of ribbing, but what can ya do.

Also, a passel of severed hands –

(And the rest of yarn for Angelina.)

I’m trying not to ponder what they’ll become; sooner or later something will call for me to knit it. Hopefully “later”, so I can finish Angelina and a few other things in a timely fashion.
…as if I know how to do that.

To top off the whole expedition, Tractor Supply had some great bags on sale – just the right size for toting around a drill and all the bits and crud and junk and bits you need for a drill or for toting around all the sinister saws and cuttie thingies which accumulate on a workbench or, you know, toting around knitting. We picked out a very reasonable three yesterday; this morning Mom went back out and cleaned out the rest of what Tractor Supply had. Yeah, Dad liked them too.

Big and sturdy and plenty of pockets and cute little grippy rubber footsies… what more could you want in a knitting bag?

New project is another Mystery Tank; I’m not sure what to do with the previous MT, still on the needles. Nothing is really wrong with it; it’s just not calling to me.
Yarns of choice for the new Mystery Tank, whatever number it is, are Pingouin Parasol and Cottonella Novita. Google to your heart’s content; not much more than my Flash will show.

I love Peat! I love Jo too , but I love Peat more!

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