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you stare at me in disbelief…

(Current music: “Take a Giant Step” – the Monkees. )

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a bat… it’s a… FO??

Why yes, the Faroese(ish) shawl is done!

Pattern: “Faroese-style lace” by Myrna Stahman , from the book “The Best of Knitter’s Shawls and Scarves”
Yarn: Boselli Filati – 60% superlambswool (:giggle:), 10% angora, 30% acrylic – yarn from Wendy
Start date: 22 March 2005
Finish date: 23 May 2005

The shawl took 4 full balls at 210 meters each, plus a little bit of the fifth – I started the fourth ball about six rows away from the end of the main part of the shawl and knit 20 of the 24 lace points with that fourth ball. I bound off at the SnB Monday night at 9:30 when we were about to be kicked out of the coffee shop and only four other people were left; everybody was a bit amazed that I finished it in the tada! nick of time.

Pinning out such a beastie was a massive question mark ; I’m still not completely satisfied with how I pinned it, not that that matters since it looks fine off the needles. Someday I’ll figure it out. When I turned on the overhead light, the pattern leapt out…

But thanks to the furry bunny content, from another angle it’s barely visible –

The dang Yankee says that’s a bad picture. I think it’s really cool. Dang Yankee likes this next picture because of her obsession with my tush. I guess that’s cool too. So what if the picture doesn’t show off me or the pattern – it entertains the Yankee.

… probably should have cleaned the mirror first. Suppose that picture also demonstrates that I can wave my arms in all sorts of wild directions and it doesn’t fall off.

Finishing a project means I must start something new. Pay no attention to however many new projects I started without the prompt of finishing something. I must start something new. Unfortunately, what I really really really really really want to start would involve buying yarn and a pattern. Sad, ain’t it.

(Another pic edited in 19 October ’05. sending this shawl on to a new home, where it will be loved more.)

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